Thursday, August 24, 2006

hello girls n boyz
i wanted to post a note yesterday too, but i was too tired. but today!
anyway, yesterday i visited the becon national park. i followed the instructions of the Guardian's special edition: Britain's 50 best walks. shouldn't have... my trip started with a 2-mile walk along the high way, coz da whole trip was designed for people with cars. so in the beginning i was a bit pissed off, but then it become really beautiful. it is called a national park for a reason... sometimes i had the feeling that i was in a rain forrest, plants, trees everywhere. then great views too (lots of up hill walks). and the biggest attraction of the day was the waterfall. quite big, but the cool thing is that u can walk behind. no comment

after an exhausting day yesterday, i wanted some easy fun. i decided to discover the coastal part of south-wales, especially the Glamorgen Valley. I've been to Barry Island, Llantwit Major and Swansea. Barry Island is close to Cardiff, lots of entertainment (carousels, gambling, stupid games). fortunately it was quite dead today, it wasn't noise at all, so i could enjoy the views.
Llantwit Major is simply beautiful. small, pretty town nothing special. but the coast!! there is a so-called heritage coastal walk, which referes to its special status (kind of national park). u can walk along the coast, but on the top of the cliffs! it's useless to write about it, u have to see the pics (soon)
i ended up on the beach, there was a cafe, a quite dodgy-looking one. but the saying is true: u can always find the best food in the worst-looking places. i had a beef stew. (nothing in common with porkolt - gulash)
i was walking on beach barefoot. it was quite windy, but i enjoyed it. (like a child)
the biggest experience today: i noticed that there was a castle far away, and i decided to have a look a bit closer. so i walk walk the rocky coast to this castle, right under the cliffs. in the middle of the walk i realised that i have to to speed up, otherwise the tide would have caught me. well, i managed to reach the castle. from there, i hitched a hike. second time in wales (i had never done that before) it's so easy here. people are absolutely helpful, the first guy who gave me a lift even gave me his number and address, telling me that i can have accommodation there whenever. welcome to wales...

well, swansea is a big city, nothing special. i was curious, coz if not greenwich, i would have spent this year there. so the city is not particularly nice, rather ugly... :) ok-ok, the beach is pretty. but come on, who wants to swim in the dirty water?? anyway, i tok some interesting photos.

tomorrow Bath Spa, i'll sleep in Exeter. then St Ives and Penzance.

besos amigos y amigas

Monday, August 21, 2006

dear all,
that's the moment of rebirth.
a blog has died,and an another one came to world. since my tenure in greenwich has finished, i decided to start a new blog. My life is going to be continued not in Greenwich, but in Budapest for now. Of course i will come back (even if not for good), since i LOVE this place, it has grown to my heart. and i will leave a part of my heart here, too. btw, that explains the title of this new blog. this represents the continuity of my relationships, feelings and after all my life.

i guess u are already bored with this sentimental bla-bla, but i thought it appropriate to start with this. anyway:

the more i travel, the more i like it, and the more i want to see.
yesterday i've seen Warwick Castle, a bit of Birmingham (nothing special), Kidderminster (ghost town), and the most important: the Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer. great, ini'?
i have plenty of pictures and plenty to say. unfortunately i can't connect my camera to the computer here: pics r comin later.

an advice in advance:
NEVER forget how beautiful the stars are. after one year in london u certainly will!! u can never see them, because of the lights and clouds.

anyway, am in a hostel now. crap n dodgy people, and also expensive. the website is the following, if i raised someone's attention:
argh, i changed my mind, i don't want u to come here.
okok, could be worse - but not much :)))
mum, it's clean!! take it easy :)

today i've been wandering in a pine forrest, waiting for deers to come to drink, i've seen a snake -which bite, according to my friend was leathal, seen ludlow, and cardiff at night. cardiff is much more boring than i thought.

tomorrow i want to see the brecon national park. i'll let u know about the news.
cee ya mates!