Saturday, September 30, 2006

yes my friends, it is high time to share my experiences from the big journey with you all. so here we go

Friday, September 29, 2006

the time has come that i was trying to ignore in the last one month. in fact in the last half a year. Poziomka is back to london, i still don't know when i'm gonna meet her.

also, my greatest-ever-holiday is over, with a total of appr. 7500 km travelled in the UK, Poland and Hungary. so many beautiful places, different people, different languages (accents), so many experiences. above all these, my one-year-long 'trip' is over, too. with even more experiences, even more people from the oddest to the kindest, four different jobs in 8 months, at least five different rooms where i lived. the impact of this experience on my life is huge, probably even i still don't know how big.

now, i wouldn't say that i didn't like to be back again, but...
...i would like to go back

or somewhere else, with Someone

anyway, i'm trying to get used to the pace of my old university. greenwich was a chill out. first time at this university, i've got difficult subjects. finally i haven no (not much) reason to complain.
though the lady who teaches the subject called 'Introduction to advanced macroeconomics' is a bit, hmmm, funny. at least her English. saying "Sank you" all the time... i "sink" i will try to get grade "sree", just for fun :)
in return the other tutor teaching my other English subject speaks perfect English (American, unfortunately).

i'm thinking on setting up another blog, to tell u everything about my trip.

take care all ya, my friends

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

what shall i say?
we r having a great time with Poziomka. i still love budapest. though after one year in london, and a big journey to beautiful places, often in the pure nature, made me realize that i might not want to live all my life in budapest. however, the variety of programs is impressive here - a good reason for staying. at least for now.

on tuesday my friends came over, for a kind of welcome party. am happy, they didn't change - much

but many-many things have changed. names of shops, buildings, cafes. roads too.
only the politics haven't changed... :|
first night in budapest, and what happens? some idiots try to blow up the MTV building. then staring like a calf (hehe, am not sure if this is proper english), what's gonna happen: ah my god, let's run coz the building is burning. first let's smash the firemen, then let's ask for their help. ***ing idiots.
uhh, sorry, i had to put this down...
so, that was a nice welcome to Gosia, but at least we lived historic moments in here. and she is a proper photo reporter anyway

now, we r getting ready to go back to szombathely. on the way i want to show her tihany. lovely town.

my car is working properly, i love it. even if the battery dies in three days, if i leave a bootlight on... :)


Monday, September 18, 2006


greetings from Budapest!!
i'm back!

with Poziomka.

i wrote this post ages ago, still in Poland. sorry for publishing it just now.
take care!

Heya all!
I hope everything’s ok. I kind of lost contact with everyone at home... But no worries, am coming back in a week. Be prepared!!! :)
I’m in poland now, Warszawa, warszawa. Hmmm, it’s nice, am feeling very well. In fact i’m feeling home thx to Gosia’s parents, who are very kind. There’s also a very cute little boy, Filip, Ania’s son. (Ania is Gosia’s sister.)
Warsaw is much nicer than I expected. In fact, I didn’t know much about Warsaw.
My favourite building is the Palacu Kultury I Nauki W Warszawie. It’s an Arts and Culture Centre, but we’ve only been at the top of tower, which provides excellent view of Warsaw. Not interestingly, it was built after the World War II, as many of the other buildings. (I guess all of us know the destruction taken place in Warsaw during the War.)
Then there’s the Palace of Milanow, a royal residence not far from the City Centre. Big, nice building, currently still being renovated, with a huge well-kept garden (also still under construction). Undoubtedly, the nicest park in Warsaw is the Park Lazienkowski. So nice, that one king built its sommer residence on the lake situated in this park. Really interesting: the palace occupies almost the full width of the lake.

Now, we are just about to leave to Wroclaw.

I’d better go...

Bye ya all in the Polish-Hungarian common language:


Siema, that is yo!
In the mean time we arrived to Wroclaw, Iza’s place. Lovely town, built on several islands on the river Odera. The town itself has got some 120 bridges, tiny and big ones too, most of them very pretty. Nice Market Square, cool bars and clubs, nice place to live.
Iza's mum prepared some cheesecake for us, yummie!!!
we'll leave to Cracow soon.
see ya!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's been a while since my last post. sorry for that, but i had good reasons: not being close to any civilization for a long time. am telling you, you should try it! but anyway, i just wanted to let you all know that i'm alive, still in one piece after my journey in the UK. and it was great! i've seen so many places that it's hard to summarize it. but who cares about the number, all of them were beautiful, i enjoyed every single day of the last two weeks.
and the travelling is not over yet! tomorrow an other one-day-long journey is waiting for me: drivin to Warsaw to see my Poziomka! with my beautiful COROLLA! my sweet.
so pls don't expect me to post frequently since i'll be busy again, for another two weeks. but still love ya all!!!