Friday, December 29, 2006

stepping out from the shade

it is true:
u need to stay in the shade for a while in order to appreciate the sunbeams.

because of my illness i couldn't really eat much - or at least i had to be very careful with what i ate. right during christmas time. what a pity isn't it? today i started eating as i usually do. good old mákosbejgli and diósbejgli (home made. mum made!!!). yummie. so i'm enjoying it. small pleasures... :) well, after a big sux...

just to tell you (i already wanted anyway), i experienced this feeling i few times already. these two happened on the same day: after having showers in london for a long time, on the first day of my big tour in august i had a shower in Cleobury Mortimer in the middle of the nowhere:) it was such a big pleasure. u need to know that london struggles with water shortage and that's why in most households waterpressure is quite low. after a while u can get used to it. but then if u can have a shower with normal pressure it's like a massage. micro-orgasm. :)
and the other thing happened on the same day. similar story. in london u can hardly see any stars. not only because of the obvious reason: clouds. there are so much public light that they oppress the light of the stars. on that night in the Pioneer Centre i couldn't stop staring at the sky, the stars' sparkling was astonishing.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


that's why i'm not wishing u a merry xmas. or if u want, for next Christmas.

i wasn't in the mood of posting. and to be honest i don't feel inspiration now either. but someone reminded me that i shouldn't forget about my blog :) thx Julie!
maybe i wasn't in the mood because of my illness. some kind of virus. ergh.. while everyone is eating so much that they will explode, i keep losing weight... despite that my mum is cooking very nice dishes and this is a rare occasion when i'm at home!
nevertheless we had a nice and peaceful Christmas.
bittersweet for me: the feast of love without two very important creatures i love. one whom i will never see again, and one who is far away and i will only see in a few weeks. an everlasting period of time.

Friday, December 22, 2006


One week ago my beautiful, clever and loyal friend left us and moved to a better world. she was a great company, we knew each other's every thought and we always had good fun together. she was stubborn like a woman (she was a woman:) ), and cheeky like a child. nevertheless we sorted out every disagreement quickly. or in 15 mins at most - once i had to wait that long until she decided to come to me after realizing that i was not gonna move. she knew that i wanted to put the lead on her and she didn't want it. she also knew that i was angry :) but in the end she did come to me. i'm already missing those strolls and games together. that's her:

There's a walnut tree in our garden and she hardly left us any of its yield. this cheeky girl loved and ate all of them. she opened the nutshell and only consumed the kernel. she was very witted.

i remember that when she was young she hated traveling. well, she changed a lot and in the last few years she enjoyed these journeys by car a lot! i scarcely opened the boot and she'd already jumped in. except when we went to the doc. as i said she knew everything.

our favourite place for a walk. Boat Lake. Friends. (This and the previous pics were taken by Gosia, thx Honey)

Enjoying the snow:

Friday, December 15, 2006

She is now in a better world.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monsieur Gourmet

my friend said a few minutes ago what a great dish he'd prepared. well, i said, if you're hungry, u can eat anything :)
he got a bit upset ;)
alright, alright, his idea was very good indeed! camembert with homemade plum jam. yummie. roasted chicken with rice and nuts and raisins. not bad, i'nit?

this post is dedicated to Julie, the French gourmet :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Santa Claus

This week we were celebrating Santa Claus.
on 6th Dec Santa Claus alias Mikulás visits every child and puts chocololate and BIRCHes into their boots that had been previously put in the window.
well, because we are still children, in our minds at least, we gave presents to each other and had some mulled wine and cakes. proper X-mas party.
giving gifts, us, children:

as it is usually we ran out of mulled wine quickly. at this point PCS had to face a seemingly insovable problem. beer or wine???

after answering the question above we still had to solve some serious problems. some people had unsatiable thirst. I want the barrel, I want the barrel!

after this cosy home party we decided to visit a pub or club. unfortunately because everything was closed by the time we got there, we ended up in walking around in budapest's streets for two hours at about 2-3pm.
well, i didn't mind.
nor did they :)

those are beer-bottle lids... no comment

hey boys! what are you doing there? in the public??

of course i couldn't stop myself from being a photo reporter. this evokes Budapest in the 50's. 56 exactly

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kabbe Köcsög!

Fuck You Bastard!

My dear friend, Gege gave me this little piece of chocolate. The text is translated above... How kind is he!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Welcome to the  land of language experts!
This was in front of a stationery in the University (!!)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Budapest has two faces like Janus the mythical god.
these two pics were taken within 10 meters. i personally have no problems with graffities - though i hate tags - and i'm not scared of dark places. but the two pictures below somehow don't come together...

Fővám tér, subway and my university Dec 2006

to be fair, any other capitals i know could be labelled like budapest in this respect. e.g. in london i wouldn't want to cross hyde park at night on my own... (not to mention some hard core districts)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Re: tro

time is passing. i'm in a special situation. i want time to run quickly for one and a half months. then it can have a rest. it can switch to sauntering.
nothing much is happening here these days, most of my time i'm busy with courseworks. though last night i went out with my mum's cousin, Ildi and her husband, Andy. i like chating with them. and i was happy to speak English again. we went to a blues pub not far from my flat. good music, good beer. yummie! Pilsner Urquel!!!

not long time ago i mentioned that budapest is like a museum. well, hungary is too.
i wonder whether retro is blossoming here or we are just used to our old things. i know that many times it is a question of money.

but broadcasting Knight Rider on Saturday at 2pm is a bit uhm...
not to mention David Hasselhof's hairy chest. :)

K.I.T.! get me a coffee!

cheesy series are one thing. but playing the hundred-year-old Mortal Kombat in 2006 is a SHAME!!!! :)

i remember those LAN-parties.. oh my God! i was one of them!

all in all, we love RETRO.
so do i :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Magical visit

as i already mentioned, we had a great time with Poziomka last week. even though it was only four days, we did many things and everything was wonderful.
on thursday my friend, Gab was celebrating his birthday and although Gosia was a bit tired (no surprise), we went there and had a chat with my other friends. i was happy as Gege was there as well and a few of his friends from the polytechnic. however the source of my happiness was of course Gosia. three weeks is a long period if you don't see your other part. now, the mission: impossible is waiting for us: two months, with x-mas in the middle without each other...
but we'll make it. somehow...
on friday we went out for a drink and to see some live music, and more importantly to have a good time. well, we did, indeed. we went to Potkulcs, a cozy, little-ruined pub near nyugati station. peca was playing (peca is a slang word for fishing stick). nice music anyway. and nice wine. and sundried plums ripened in pálinka. yummie :)
we had also been ice skating. no need to tell you that it was fantastic. though a bit wet :)

dancing queen ;)

and the people.
on sunday we went for a short stroll. we were walking along the riverside. i like walking there, it's quite nice. the Buda side of Budapest at the Danube (with the Buda Castle on the bottom):

hmm. time to go back to reality:
assignments, revising...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Gosia's back :(
her plane, still at Ferihegy:

we are filled up again with a great deal of memories, pleasure, fun and feelings.
it should last for two months...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr tram driver

Welcome to Budapest, the city that is itself a museum.
museum of old cars, trams, trains, buildings, people and...
...ideas. but that's another story.
what i want to show u:

and what came to my mind:

Mr tram driver pass me up with eyes of fire
Mr tram driver thinks were all one sixty fiveers
Mr tram driver fuck you Im a survivor
Oh yeah, one more time, ahah

I hope Mr Kravitz is not going to be very upset for using his lyrics. or for changing it. actualizing, in fact :)

this post is going to be a music-focused one. Let's put on some Guns 'n' Roses:
November rain

Liberty Bridge, Budapest, Nov 21st 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Home, Sweet Home

The saying is true: There is no place like home.
am in szombathely now: cozy home, good food, family, dog, but...
i guess u know who am i missing.
But Poziomka is coming soon. Four days left!!! i can hardly wait.
my mum is being very nice and keen to provide us with everything we might need. mums are mums :)
i've been studying throughout this weekend. busy times are coming again.
my train is departing soon :(

Thursday, November 16, 2006

M+F Toyota. this is the place of ads. :) our car, now fixed:


yo. i was on this flamenco-jazz gig last night. Juan Carmona, Mino Cinelu, Dés László and Balázs József. Great musicians, great music. they were amazing individually but i missed some kind of cooperation between them. and i also missed the bass. i could have imagined a double bass or sth... anyway, it was still fantastic, partly due to the location. it was organized in the national concert hall that is to be found in the so called palace of arts. this concert hall is one of the most modern ones probably in the whole world. amazing sounding.

tonight we've watched the Departed. Best film i've seen for a long time!! 8.5 on imdb. the new Scorsese film. a bit of godfather feeling, a bit of tarantino, good casting and acting. and yes! no stupid hollywoodian happy end. good film. then i met my other best friend, Mape, who's doing his phd now. he's doing well, just moved in into his new flat that is 10 mins walk away from mine. slowly all my friends will move into this area :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Fishy days

for the second time in my life i have gone fishing. my friend Sziszi, the maths genious invited me and of course i was happy to accept the invitation. he's got a weekend house in tiszacsege a little village on the tisza riverside. tisza river is a slow-mo river that's why over the centuries many dead channels have formed there (these used to be part of the river but the river changed track and these lakes were left there). so we were fishing on one of the dead channels. the worst and at the same time the best part was that we got up at 5am so that we had the best place. it was a bit early but at least we saw the sunrise.

i love the colours of dawn  

and those of autumn. pink and brown

fishing lot:

hehe, looser!! :) fouled with branches.

the landscape was really beautiful and quiet and i was very pleased of that because i could deepen into my thoughts, thinking of various things, and put them in order. it was very useful. anyway i just wanted to show u the dead channel (it looks like a river but in fact it's a lake):

if i was a real fisherman, i should make up a big number of how many fishes i caught. well, i am not, so i can admit that i didn't catch anything. apart from leaves and branches. but u really won't be surprised about this if u look at the way i'm holding the stick. holy shit... :)

however, i shouldn't be ashamed as others have hardly caught anything. two pikes only. have a look here:

these pikes are real killers. they eat small fishes (we used fishes as baits too), and they can bite u so strong, that u really don't wanna try it. my friend did, but he didn't want it either :)

it is much more friendly here, isn't it? say hello to daddy! :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


today i took 'our' car to Kecskemét. kecske means goat.
that's why goatmate :)
ok-ok bad joke.
anyway i enjoyed driving there. i both enjoyed driving and the route leading there. completely flat landscape, pure countryside. my dad's working there for a toyota dealer. i like being there, i feel a bit like an insider (in fact i am, especially as i was working there for 3 weeks).
then we came back to budapest and we had a meeting with one of his business partners. i enjoyed it too, very interesting subject - starting a new business.
i took this pic there - my dad's selling this industrial stuff.

this is the only photo i took in london during my last stay (ok, there's one more but not for public view :) )

the lady in the shop got pissed off with the junkies coming and asking for drugs, so she put this note onto the window :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

St Martin's Day

I've been lazy recently. in fact, i wasn't in the mood of doing anything. that's why i only uploaded these pics today. they were taken last sunday when we visited a village resort in Szombathely - old houses, accessories, domestic animals and stuff like that. kind of a museum. St Martin Day's Market was held there. it's an important day in this country, this is when we first try the 'new' wine (this year's wine) and we usually eat goose's leg with cabbage. nice one, worth trying.

this so called Skanzen is located near Boat Lake, where i often go with my dog for a stroll. i like observing the different views coming with every season. autumn view:

the look of an old village with traditional houses. i love them (of course it's usually not as crowded as in here)

there were many programmes mainly traditional things like volk music and volk dance. proper hungarian outfit:

another kind of activities: archery

courtyard in the countryside. well...

...and a broom.

i love it: thatch

Friday, November 03, 2006


It's snowing!!!
First time this year!
           and it's cold. brrr

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

back to the world of memories

am in hungary now, again.
it was great in london. i feel absolutely refilled emotionally. even though i feel quite crap again, it's not as bad as that time when my Poziomka left to london. however, i find it very difficult to revise - which i have to coz on friday i've got a serious test - my mind is everywhere else but on accounting. grrr.
here r some pics from london:
this was taken in Greenwich Park where we went to for a stroll. there's this huge rose garden that i always wanted to show you (especially to my Dad). appr. 100 different types of roses.
still there, autumn lights:
we also visited our 'secret' chess place, a coffee shop in a book shop. we spent some nice time there. and Poziomka won. of course. :)
we met my cousin, Peter. here he's saying hello to his mum: 'HELLO'
(st paul's and the millenium bridge in the background)

we had a beer in one of the oldest pubs in london called the anchor. nice one, but really expensive, located on the riverside near london bridge. we had some russian beer there. Baltika.
me&my. the two scots.

thx for the pics to Gosia Kozlowska (copyright)