Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rockit: The Herbie Hancock Story

i recommend the following programme for all those who are interested in music (not only jazz!) and/or particularly in Herbie Hancock's music. If you are not familiar with his name just listen to Watermelon Man and u'll realize that u know this song and u like it. Because it's awesome.

In the first programme of a three-part series - Rockit: The Herbie Hancock Story - on BBC Radio 2 Jamie Cullum and other fellow musicians are telling us about Herbie, his music and life.

The second part is broadcasted tomorrow, Wed 31 Jan from 10pm GMT, 11pm CET. Listen to it live here and to the final part at the same time one week later.

Monday, January 29, 2007


One and a half months ago i've lost someone i loved very much. this is a tribute to my beautiful dog who was a great friend. shots from her life, in timeline:
Kinga on the day when she arrived at our place:
in her golden age. one of her best pictures:the caring mother:
new breed, the future. her son - who is now as huge as tiny he is in this pic - is living next door, this is the circle of life:

Saturday, January 27, 2007


thx to the achievements of the 21st century i can keep in touch with those at home. latest news: a UFO appeared under my window. if anyone is interested, call the National UFO Reporting Center. i personally don't care. welcome strangers!

*well spotted, Gege

Friday, January 26, 2007

Views on London

one day i gave company to Gosia on her way to work.i thought i would walk around in that area. well, i did. Covent Garden, Holborn, Aldwich, Bank, Barbican. i didn't really know the west end that well, so it was quite new for me. while checking the pics i took i realized how many different faces of london u can see in only one afternoon.
this is the Royal Courts of Justice. definitely more impressive than the buildings of County Courts of Vas. :) (my county...)
St Paul's from a different perspective:it can only be brittons who turn the Old Bank of England into a pub. craaaazzzy

today's london: work work work work work work work work work work work
...and news. quality don't matte' (exceptions strenghten the rules)hard life. busking at winter time and to frame this post, one more pic of The Royal Courts of Justice

Thursday, January 25, 2007


it's been a while since i last posted here. it's because i always had sth to do n i didn't really manage to find time for my blog. Julie has arrived she's ok, kind as she was :) Interestingly everything is as if we never separated, she didn't change much and nor did we. we've had a few good chats and she cooked a delicious meal yesterday.

what i wanted to write about:
squating, a new west-european trend that is most present in London and provides home to many and place to party to even more. squats are buildings that had been left empty by the owners and other people occupied them. not surprisingly many of them Pols but of course not only. the place where we went to was an old spacious Italian restaurant and club right on the riverside in Pimlico. good location with excellent view on Vauxhall and Battersea. the building once must have looked elegant and it was still a nice place for a party considering it hadn't been used for who knows how long. there was also a bar with a remarkable variety of drinks: beer, vodka, water. an kind of each of course :)
so this is where we went:
'KNOCK' :)

and what i liked: one of my favourite buildings in london. view on Battersea Power Plant.
so it was an interesting experience, my first squat party. however none of us truly enjoyed it partly because of the music and partly because of the people around. u know, not that decent guys... :)

the other day went for a stroll to South Kensington with Gosia. I like that place, nice residential area. posh a bit. and u can find loads of different countries' embassies there. the hungarian one is right opposite to the italian embassy. maybe because of the colours :). red white green.
we passed by the Victoria & Albert Museum, this pic was taken there, i like it:

Saturday, January 20, 2007


yo. as i said we went out on thu with Peter, my cousin. we just selected a random place from a big load of clubs, bars offering live music and i have to tell you that we were lucky. neither the club's name - Darbucka - nor the band's - Carl Orr's Danger Funk - told us anything but both turned out to be great. stunning gig in a nice Arabic athmosphere.

colourful bar. no beer on tap. not good not good. very good white wine though...

the source of noises. best jazz music i've heard for a long time (i haven't been to too many gigs recently...)


a proper Photo Artist has got to take pics with her own camera. even if it is a mobile phone... :)

us, listeners. lovers.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


last night Peter visited us, i invited him for a dinner, which he eventually helped me prepare, and he grabbed his gifts from his sister. he was very happy of course. and the food was okay too. vegi soup a la mum, and layered potatoes (rakott krumpli) prepared in a bit different way as normal. we had a good chat too, and tonight we plan to go out together.the Chief is finishing the food:we are also doing very well, Gosia n me, having a nice time together. very nice time :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


i made a decision yesterday:
when i grow up, i wanna be an aviator.
fly high.
my flight was superb yesterday, i wonder if only because i knew i was gonna see Poziomka. btw, i'm so happy to be here, everything is great. even if she's got to work and go to the uni, at least i'm here. and why i enjoyed the flight? just have a look:
still on the runway in Graz, Austria: take off: the runway and Flughafen Graz, dizzyyyyy: and that's why i like traveling from Graz: the Alps. beautiful: a mate: i love this: skiparadise. or skyparadise? :)here we joined the path of another plane that left its vapour trail behind. it was more interesting in real life, in this pic i like the transition of colours from very dark blue to bright blue: milky way:another transition: from the very bright, sunny wheather to the good old English reality:as i had promised Gosia, i brought sunny days, and indeed, the wheater turned nice, the sun is shining today and i'm feeling very well. greetings to everybody in hungary and everywhere in the world!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


many many good news:
first of all, i'm off to london! yuppie!!!!!!!!!
and the reason for it is possible: the exam term is over!!! i passed everything and i have no reasons to complain.
there's just one crap thing: i haven't seen my friends for ages and i'm also not gonna see them for a few more weeks.
but i don't care for now, the most important is that i'm in london in six hrs!
whatsmore Julie's gonna be there too. what a coincidence!

hasta la vista, Ungría!

Friday, January 05, 2007