Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ticket hunting

I feel so happy in here.


it's great to walk on the streets of greenwich, see all the shops and biuldings i was seeing for a year. i'm sitting in the library right now, Poziomka is looking for a job, and i'm doing several things, like reading newspapers or browsing the net. i feel like in a time travel. 4 months back in time.

crazy what we were doing yesterday:
we were making money!
but how?! we went to covent garden and there's a ticket office. they buy up discounted theatre tickets from leicester square coz all the theatres and box offices are there, and they sell it a bit more expensive. so we were buying tickets for this ticket office. we had to be careful coz other ticket offices - where we bought tickets - didn't like selling them to 'our' office, so we visited at least 7 different places...
we were walking around till 2pm... it was fun (though in the end it became a bit boring)

and on thursday and yesterday i met some old friends as well. good feeling.
i'll say goodbye for now.

goodbye :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yupiieee, i'm in London with my Poziomka!
i don't have to say anything else, that's enough for now

Monday, October 23, 2006


Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the uprise in 1956.
A short review on the revolution:
...students of the Technical University compiled a list of sixteen points containing several national policy demands. After the students heard that the Hungarian Writers’ Union planned to express solidarity with Poland on the following day by laying a wreath at the statue of Polish-born General Bem, a hero of Hungary’s War of Independence of 1848-49, the students decided to organize a parallel demonstration of sympathy.
the 15th point on this list:
"The students of the Technological University of Budapest declare unanimously their solidarity with the workers and students of Warsaw and Poland in their movement towards national independence."
of course they also demanded the soviets to leave the country, free elections, democracy, economy policies on a new bases and so on...

On the afternoon of October 23, 1956, about 20,000 protesters convened next to the Bem statue. ...someone in the crowd cut out the communist coat of arms from the Hungarian Flag, leaving a distinctive hole and others quickly followed suit.
...then the crowd of appr. 200,000 people headed towards the Parliament.
...a large crowd gathered at the Radio Budapest building, which was heavily guarded by the ÁVH. The crowd eventually occupied the building and their demands had been announced.

Next day soviet tanks and the AVH tried to drown the uprise. to cut the story:
on 28th Oct the Hungarian revolution succeded! soviet tanks left Budapest and a new government was formed. the so far banned political parties also started working again.

on the 4th Nov at 5am an announcement was read into the Radio that the revolution was seen as a fascist protest and the new Hungarian government appointed by the soviets (!!!!!) took measures to break down the uprise. then soviet tanks entered budapest and the revolution died.

Blaha Lujza Square:

Corvin Cinema, 200m far from my flat. National Flag with the whole in the foreground:

burning Rakosi's pic, first secretary of the "Party".
my university:
Stalin's head. his statue weighed 6 tons. destroyed on the first day of the uprise:
Freedom Bridge with tanks. what a paradox.

it is not necessary to emphasize that the Polish-Hungarian relationship was of a special kind throughout the communist era, both nations were fighting against the same system, same oppression, same cruelty and inhumanity. we always felt solidarity for each other and i have several more reasons to take care of that good relationship. We all know that:
Polak Węgier dwa bratanki i do szabli i do szklanki.
Lengyel magyar két jó barát, együtt harcol s issza borát.
that is:
Polish and Hungarian are good friends, they fight together and they drink their wine together.

dla moja Poziomko:
Flaga Węgier: czerwony, biały, zielony, symbolizujące odpowiednio: siłę, wiarę, nadzieję

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The King is leaving

The best Formula 1 race driver in the world!

Thank you for all those great races, for all the memorable moments and for being an icon for many.

Kinga's operation

my dog has been operated today.
hard times.
though she stood it quite well. not surprising, she's experienced already: this was her third operation of the same kind. breast cancer...
i don't wanna go into details, it's not the best way of spending one's time (i mean taking ur dog there, worrying and stuff like that).
this is Kinga before her operation:
and after:

she was walking two hours after the operation!!
clever girl.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

still memories. london. part II

i'm back to szombathely. i wasn't supposed to, but i was fed up with budapest. fed up with being so busy. there's just one problem. i'm not gonna study here at all...
'our car' is shining n glowing: i washed it yesterday. first time i managed, i simply had no opportunity before.
let's see some pics from london.
that's waterlow park again.stupid duck.
when i first visited waterlow park by chance, i wanted to go to highgate cemetery but the latter turned out to be closed. so next day i came back again, and i took some pics then.
stupid duck still trying to climb that stick:
highgate cemetery is very mysterious. not long time ago different kind of sects used to go there (black magic and stuff like that). and also goths and some crazy funky people, getting drunk and high. good fun, especially that it's a bit like a maze. but even more like a rain forest.

till World War II. it was a posh cemetery. a popular one, i would say. many many famous people are buried here. then it was left uncared till the 80's. in some 30 years the once pretty garden transformed into a natural reserve, with huge trees and some plants that are studied by some students... it a grade II park. that means it is practically a natural reserve.
this is a random statue.

i forgot the name of this gate. inside there are coffins that were once to pull out like drawers. welcome to the morgue.
there was a roundabout-like part too, with lots of tombs around. and a tree in the middle.
the guide was very cool, he told us a lot of interesting stories about guys buried in that cemetery. one of them was a fist-fighter, u know, that kind who doesn't use any protection, there are no rules and the number of rounds is not limited. fighting til knock out. so this guy here, was the famoust fighter, he could never be defeated. and he had this huge dog, he loved it very much that's why this dog is protecting him on his tomb.
after all this, i went back to waterlow park. there's a brilliant café, nice cakes n coffees for not too much. i had this 'brain cake' there. (it's not walnut, i forgot what is was)

Monday, October 16, 2006

still memories. london

still memories, still hurting, still hard.

i'm asking myself the question all the time why life is so cruel.
my mind knows what i am doing but my body, my soul and my heart wants to go back. i hope this torture will pay off. i'm still feeling crap when i'm on my own, and to hear the same from Poziomka makes me even sadder. 10 days to see her.

and my beer is gone :(

here are some pics from my last couple of days of my stay in london. i had no time to upload them yet.
i visited waterlow park twice in my last week. a lovely-funny park near highgate cemetery and hampstead heath. also near archway where Gosia's friend, Stavros (sorry for the spelling) lives. if u have never seen the view from inside a tree, here u can have a look:
'Our car':
(Suzukis are made in hungary. thus, suzukis had been advertised for years in hungary as 'Our car'. they are almost as good as 'Our car', isn't it, Poziomka :) )
waterlow park is quite close to hamstead heath, so i walked to the park there. as i already mentioned it somewhere, it is one of the wildest parks in london. however, it provides excellent views on london, too. here's one (Canary Wharf):
we were sitting there. Ptys n me

a green spot in the desert. rain forest(?)
'the well and camden baths'
we love camden!

i'm coming london, soon!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

pasta n pesto

yummie. old times in london, eating pasta n pesto. sweet memories...

Friday, October 13, 2006

random pics

my calculator. dedicated to László II. Horváth. that's me :) my dad gave it to me when i was about 12
the view from my window. constant building site

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Poziomka in Budapest

Early awakening

i'm an idiot.
i woke up an hour earlier than should have.

at least i managed to book a cheap flight to my Poziomka.

anyway, there's not much news, i'm still trying to study, sometimes meeting my friends. and desperately looking for a placement.
that's it, i can't remember anything else worth mentioning.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


in memoriam Papp Csaba PCS Beer
Highgate Cemetery, London.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

am listening to barefoot now. it reminds me of london. i don't like talkin or writing about these things, but this is my blog, what is a more appropriate place to put my thoughts down.
part of me is away, i wouldn't call this situation pleasant. i'm trying to spend as much time with my friends as possible. well, ok that's not necessarily true, i would say if i'm with my friends, i feel a bit better. that's why i'm not trying to isolate from the world...

also, szombathely was a perfect place for recovery. i took part in a therapy, called 'build your garden and immerse in your thoughts'. this is what i was doing:

the other thing, i've got a good friend there (who doesn't like being photographed...):

'hmmm, shall i eat that walnut...?'

'Our' car is a bit ill...:( it's throat is soar (the exhaust pipe got loose). i hope tomorrow it'll get better: i'm taking her to the doc.