Tuesday, July 03, 2007

past two weeks...

...successfully finished exams
...been to England (fantastic)
...been to Tata (joyful - got knackered)
...been working a lot (boring - sometimes little bit exciting)

and a little bit more detailed:
England, England, what do u expect from England when u visit it? rain rain rain. and as far as i know, it still rains. after last summer's drought. at least the good old English grass is green again. Hyde Park looks much better green than as a desert.
so, i've been to Bletchley visiting someone Special. this little town (or village?) is very English i guess, neat, pretty cottages, lots of greeneries, a big park with lots of sights (which i've missed this time). pretty much that's all i can tell about the place, i was rather busy with other things than sight-seeing. :) i didn't even take photos - and that's a miracle.
Bletchley is administratively connected to Milton Keynes - or at least i think so. Milton Keynes is a 40-year-old town, so u may not be surprised that it looks like a well-designed American town. wide road, spacious places and very boring. but only for superficial, drive-through visitors. i mean if u look at the buildings and the town itself, it's still boring. but there's this huge entertainment park, whatever it is called. biggest indoor ski-slope in Europe - i've never seen such a thing anyway, lots of other things as well, but the most exciting stuff for me was skydiving. it was stunning. the cooler version of skydiving is free fall with it's many different types of jumps e.g. with board or formation jumping - this is what u can see here, on the right hand side.
and this is what we've seen in that entertainment complex. if u r a beginner, u there's always an instructor who takes care of u, and tells u how to move not to fall down, or bump into the glass wall :). it must be fantastic, next time i'll try it. beginners' face looks pretty funny though: the air is making their cheeks tremble like hell :) when the beginners finished their session, the two instructor gave us a little show which absolutely breath-taking. they turned the strength of the blown air at maximum then started spinning, jumping from here to there, above each other, circling around or rose really high and then fell free approaching the safety net (practically the floor) in 10 cm distance - upside down, facing the net! it was crazy and stunning!

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