Friday, August 10, 2007

Strike while the iron's hot!

the guy beneath followed the saying and he did strike the iron indeed. and the result was quite impressive i must say: an iron rose maybe in ur garden, or rather on ur fence - i'm happy that smiths' race are not extinct.Debrecen, where this photo was taken is one of those towns with lots of tradition and history. For not long it was also capital of Hungary, and it's famous of it's religious - or rather calvinist - roots. The 'Nagytemplom' (Great Church) and the Protestant College, which was the most popular one of its time are indicating this legacy. For now, mainly the numerous folk events and festivals supply sights, and a must-see event is the flower festival taken place on August 20th every year.

After Debrecen Poziomka and me went to Miskolc, another town with long history in the North-eastern part of Hungary, however the extent it was artificially industrialized during the socialist era was much greater than in case of Debrecen, and u can easily notice this by looking at the many 'blocks of block houses'. And nonetheless, the city still looks very pretty, and just getting prettier as more and more money is available for these kind of developments. I remember how much more ruined it looked like 10 years ago. Nature sways over block houses:
I must say we found many more sights in Miskolc than in Debrecen. The latter was nice too, but with a completely different character - it was founded in the middle of the 'puszta', which i could best compare to a desert. Miskolc on the other hand is surrounded by mountains and by now, many parts of it is on hills and mountains too. And the main walking street offers more too, but let's leave this now for later.
Diósgyőr is a district in Miskolc and it used to be a separate town with a castle. Today the castle and the name has remained and they give some insight how and where people lived in the 14th-15th century. People? Knights. It is the only Knight Castle relatively well remained in Hungary. These pictures are talking for themselves:Places in this post:
Debrecen, Miskolc, Diósgyőr
Places to come:
Lillafüred, Miskolctapolca

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