Friday, September 14, 2007

Booze Cruise

in my last short stay in England i visited a few places in and around Bletchley with Poziomka. on one of these trips Peter gave us a company. i believe he didn’t mind to come with us, not only because of the pleasent chat we had but also we popped in to a local pub in Cheddington which sells beer for at least four centuries.

i must say i had one of the best ales there i’ve ever had in England. black sheep. with the pub in the background. note the thatch roof. it really gives a traditional look to the pub. there are a few thatch-roofed houses in that area, without them, the whole place would look so much poorer. just like Szigliget and a few more villages in Hungary with old cottages. anyhow. this ale was yummie, i can only recommend it. light, tasty, fresh, with a soft barney taste.

the next stop in our booze cruise was the Three Horseshoes pub. well, the Hobgoblin (ale) wasn’t as fine as the previous one, but we found a treasure: our passports.

This is my passport:
This is Emese's passport - cheers :) -:
And yeah, i just cannot stop myself from showing this to the public. A unique drink from Hungary: Unicum.

i guess you, Dear Reader already figured out that this Booze Cruise is nothing more than a quiz game usually played in pubs. well, here's my favourite question:
it seems like hungarian is an exotic language :)

places in this post:
Bletchley, Cheddington

place to come:
Berkhamsted, Caldecotte

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