Thursday, April 26, 2007

Massive calculation

how's that? the other day i needed a calculator to do some basic calculations in the bank. i never thought that asking for a calculator can be so problematic: i was at the IT Department and of course they didn't have any. i can imagine two possible reasons for this:
  1. they don't (can't?) calculate
  2. they do it on the computer
but this is not my point now. the guy didn't want to let me down so he went in quest of a calculator. the big mission in the dawn of the 21st century in a bank.
After having looked around everywhere he asked for the help of an other IT guy. now, they were already two of them hunting. finally they returned with a massive - uhm, i don't even know what, let's call it - till acquired at the Accounting Department.
i can only say one thing: it's a funny thing to see it in print how u calculated returns. i hope the Income Revenue won't mind that i destroyed the recipe. the official certificate of my calculation
for those who never saw such a thing: whatever u put in it will be printed on that paper on the left hand side of the machine.


Julie said...

Waoh! I didn't know that calculators were invented during the prehistory... Interesting.

caisersoze said...

I actually like this type of calculator! I used to have one about a decade or more ago -my father used it from time to time...

Balint said...

well, it's not bad, but quite difficult to use it without basic mathematical operators...

and i forgot the funniest thing relating to this calculator:
when i got it into my hand i just didn't manage to switch it on. great, i thought, what an old rubbish. then i realized the power cable... :)