Monday, April 02, 2007

Riding round Kőszeg

dying on my bike. i could also have given this title to this post if i wasn't as strong as i am. :)
some 400 metres difference in altitude and 70 kilometers in distance. yeah, not a world record but tough enough for a warming up trip in the beginning of the season.
and the bottom line: the location, Kőszeg and the surrounding mountains, villages. Great scenery, romantic places.
i just love this photo:Seven Springs. They were named by the seven leaders who led the Hungarian tribes in the 9th century when they occupied the Carpathian bed, where Hungary lies now. On the left you can see Álmos, he was the leader of the leaders. My street is also named after him. Besides the water coming from the springs tasted very well.

Not far from there - at least not horizontally - mounts the Oldhouse castle providing beautiful view on Kőszeg.
even if we hadn't seen anything else, these trees and the forrest looked so amazing and peaceful that we wouldn't have cared, the effort was worth to climb the mountains.In reality these beech trees shone with a fantastic silver glitter.

a bit further away, in the middle of the forrest:St Vid's church. popular place for weddings. a couple were checking the place while we were there. poor people... :) but it has to be said that it's a very romantic place to spoil people's lives :)

This old mill is located in Velem, a quiet, lovely village. here we had a last stop and tried the local wine. yummie. well, it's not a real sportsman's attitude, but we needed some energy :)
and last but not least my cycling mates. ZFC. Zoom-focus-compose :)

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