Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mix mix

uhh, i'm not gonna make excuses for not posting for long again. that's life: am being busy and have had no inspiration. well, now exam term made us (Gege and me) tired well enough to discover the silly little funny things in our environment which is - i must say - poorly stimulated these days.

but first sth that i got really upset with:
Cutty Sark, this fantastic old, and fastest ship of its time blazed two days ago. a peace of history was lost and i'm also touched because it reminds me of nice memories, that is because it is situated in South London, Greenwich, next to the university where i studied. it also formed part of the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site. it's really a shame. especially if the fire was on purpose. sad pictures:

and as i said: exam term gets the worst out of u: milk in a beer jug.

Pub to rent. no comment. Santa Claus rulz. is he maybe letting the pub??


~Gosia~ said...

Yes, poor old Cutty Sark.. it's especially a shame as it had been going through a restoration process that had been due to finish in 2009. and then the fire. now they are not even sure whether they will be able to reconstruct its original shape..

Julie said...

Hello Balint.
I am bach to the internet, after my exams, just like u!
Yeah I heard about the Cutty Sark, they spoke about it on the French TV. It is very sad... )-':