Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rope Pull

busy days, few posts. sorry for neglecting my blog...

every year a big Clash takes place between the students of the Polytechnics and those of the Uni of Economics on the Liberty Bridge. this wednesday around two thousand students gathered either to pull rope or to cheer for their mates. i was there too, cheering like mad :)
well, the rivalization is huge between the two unis situated on the opposite sides of River Danube. btw, that's why the bridge was chosen as being a neutral place between the two main buildings of the unis.

no need to say: it's a matter of prestige who wins the game. imagine thousand of students shouting 'KÖÖÖZGÁZ KÖÖÖZGÁZ KÖÖÖZGÁZ' or 'BME BME BME' while jumping and shaking their fists threatening the other party. (közgáz=economics, bme=polytechnics) and of course various tricks were implemented to beat the enemy, namely the polytechnics students :)

well, in the girls' contest we didn't have to have recourse to uhm.. fraud - we won it anyway. not like in the 100+ kg boys' contest. i must admit we lagged behind in respect of wheight and hence we had to do sth if we didn't want to lose face. so a few fellows gave a delicate hand to the guys in contest in pulling the rope, and we won this category too. then unfortunately the organisers realized the cheat and made the participants swap sides. now, imagine ten guys, surrounded by hundreds of students from the rival university on both sides.

to be honest, from that point on i don't know much as i had to leave soon after i saw my team first defeated, and the next day i received contradictory information about the results. of course different infos from polytechnics students and different infos from my economics fellow mates. i'm not surprised at all... anyway, i'm sure we won :)

for a better view some crazy people climbed the bridge. so did i :)students on the bridge and the castle of buda in the background


~Gosia~ said...

he he, it sounds like good fun. never seen such a contest. wish we had an opponent uni on the other side of the Thames ;)

Julie said...

It's cool!
many people!!!
We should do it in Rouen as well between the uni of humanities (mine) which is on top of hte hill and the uni of law which is down next to the river. In between there is a forest...
But I think this would be impossible in France because the authorities don't trust the students and Sarkosy will send the army to stop us...