Friday, September 29, 2006

the time has come that i was trying to ignore in the last one month. in fact in the last half a year. Poziomka is back to london, i still don't know when i'm gonna meet her.

also, my greatest-ever-holiday is over, with a total of appr. 7500 km travelled in the UK, Poland and Hungary. so many beautiful places, different people, different languages (accents), so many experiences. above all these, my one-year-long 'trip' is over, too. with even more experiences, even more people from the oddest to the kindest, four different jobs in 8 months, at least five different rooms where i lived. the impact of this experience on my life is huge, probably even i still don't know how big.

now, i wouldn't say that i didn't like to be back again, but...
...i would like to go back

or somewhere else, with Someone

anyway, i'm trying to get used to the pace of my old university. greenwich was a chill out. first time at this university, i've got difficult subjects. finally i haven no (not much) reason to complain.
though the lady who teaches the subject called 'Introduction to advanced macroeconomics' is a bit, hmmm, funny. at least her English. saying "Sank you" all the time... i "sink" i will try to get grade "sree", just for fun :)
in return the other tutor teaching my other English subject speaks perfect English (American, unfortunately).

i'm thinking on setting up another blog, to tell u everything about my trip.

take care all ya, my friends


Gosia said...

Yes Pumpkin, it was the greatest holiday for me as well! so many adventures, so many experiences, little pleasures etc. btw, London wants you to come back here too! not mentioning me Medve.. Greetz from Greenwich! XXX

Balint said...

I'M COMING HONEY!!! soon I'll see you! just be patient!

Julie said...

Hey balint!
U can't imagine how all this is sounding familiar to me...
I was feeling exactly the same and I know it is difficult but remember, try to take the best out of everything.
C u.