Saturday, September 23, 2006

what shall i say?
we r having a great time with Poziomka. i still love budapest. though after one year in london, and a big journey to beautiful places, often in the pure nature, made me realize that i might not want to live all my life in budapest. however, the variety of programs is impressive here - a good reason for staying. at least for now.

on tuesday my friends came over, for a kind of welcome party. am happy, they didn't change - much

but many-many things have changed. names of shops, buildings, cafes. roads too.
only the politics haven't changed... :|
first night in budapest, and what happens? some idiots try to blow up the MTV building. then staring like a calf (hehe, am not sure if this is proper english), what's gonna happen: ah my god, let's run coz the building is burning. first let's smash the firemen, then let's ask for their help. ***ing idiots.
uhh, sorry, i had to put this down...
so, that was a nice welcome to Gosia, but at least we lived historic moments in here. and she is a proper photo reporter anyway

now, we r getting ready to go back to szombathely. on the way i want to show her tihany. lovely town.

my car is working properly, i love it. even if the battery dies in three days, if i leave a bootlight on... :)


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