Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ticket hunting

I feel so happy in here.


it's great to walk on the streets of greenwich, see all the shops and biuldings i was seeing for a year. i'm sitting in the library right now, Poziomka is looking for a job, and i'm doing several things, like reading newspapers or browsing the net. i feel like in a time travel. 4 months back in time.

crazy what we were doing yesterday:
we were making money!
but how?! we went to covent garden and there's a ticket office. they buy up discounted theatre tickets from leicester square coz all the theatres and box offices are there, and they sell it a bit more expensive. so we were buying tickets for this ticket office. we had to be careful coz other ticket offices - where we bought tickets - didn't like selling them to 'our' office, so we visited at least 7 different places...
we were walking around till 2pm... it was fun (though in the end it became a bit boring)

and on thursday and yesterday i met some old friends as well. good feeling.
i'll say goodbye for now.

goodbye :)

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