Thursday, October 05, 2006

am listening to barefoot now. it reminds me of london. i don't like talkin or writing about these things, but this is my blog, what is a more appropriate place to put my thoughts down.
part of me is away, i wouldn't call this situation pleasant. i'm trying to spend as much time with my friends as possible. well, ok that's not necessarily true, i would say if i'm with my friends, i feel a bit better. that's why i'm not trying to isolate from the world...

also, szombathely was a perfect place for recovery. i took part in a therapy, called 'build your garden and immerse in your thoughts'. this is what i was doing:

the other thing, i've got a good friend there (who doesn't like being photographed...):

'hmmm, shall i eat that walnut...?'

'Our' car is a bit ill...:( it's throat is soar (the exhaust pipe got loose). i hope tomorrow it'll get better: i'm taking her to the doc.

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Gosia said...

and that's what i'm doin here instead of doin homework and job searchin. i keep on checkin our blogs etc;) well, i'm often 'in Hungary' when listenin to some of your or my 'parents music' here in London. if you know what i mean Pumpkin?..;)