Monday, October 16, 2006

still memories. london

still memories, still hurting, still hard.

i'm asking myself the question all the time why life is so cruel.
my mind knows what i am doing but my body, my soul and my heart wants to go back. i hope this torture will pay off. i'm still feeling crap when i'm on my own, and to hear the same from Poziomka makes me even sadder. 10 days to see her.

and my beer is gone :(

here are some pics from my last couple of days of my stay in london. i had no time to upload them yet.
i visited waterlow park twice in my last week. a lovely-funny park near highgate cemetery and hampstead heath. also near archway where Gosia's friend, Stavros (sorry for the spelling) lives. if u have never seen the view from inside a tree, here u can have a look:
'Our car':
(Suzukis are made in hungary. thus, suzukis had been advertised for years in hungary as 'Our car'. they are almost as good as 'Our car', isn't it, Poziomka :) )
waterlow park is quite close to hamstead heath, so i walked to the park there. as i already mentioned it somewhere, it is one of the wildest parks in london. however, it provides excellent views on london, too. here's one (Canary Wharf):
we were sitting there. Ptys n me

a green spot in the desert. rain forest(?)
'the well and camden baths'
we love camden!

i'm coming london, soon!


Gosia said...

yeah, funny thing with this suzuki add!;) but 'our car' is better!;]
btw, my father's been always insisting on me getting suzuki swift and not civic btw!;P

Balint said...

ur father's right. suzuki swift is much better than any type of honda civic. it's made in hungary :)
but 'our car' is the best, no question