Thursday, January 25, 2007


it's been a while since i last posted here. it's because i always had sth to do n i didn't really manage to find time for my blog. Julie has arrived she's ok, kind as she was :) Interestingly everything is as if we never separated, she didn't change much and nor did we. we've had a few good chats and she cooked a delicious meal yesterday.

what i wanted to write about:
squating, a new west-european trend that is most present in London and provides home to many and place to party to even more. squats are buildings that had been left empty by the owners and other people occupied them. not surprisingly many of them Pols but of course not only. the place where we went to was an old spacious Italian restaurant and club right on the riverside in Pimlico. good location with excellent view on Vauxhall and Battersea. the building once must have looked elegant and it was still a nice place for a party considering it hadn't been used for who knows how long. there was also a bar with a remarkable variety of drinks: beer, vodka, water. an kind of each of course :)
so this is where we went:
'KNOCK' :)

and what i liked: one of my favourite buildings in london. view on Battersea Power Plant.
so it was an interesting experience, my first squat party. however none of us truly enjoyed it partly because of the music and partly because of the people around. u know, not that decent guys... :)

the other day went for a stroll to South Kensington with Gosia. I like that place, nice residential area. posh a bit. and u can find loads of different countries' embassies there. the hungarian one is right opposite to the italian embassy. maybe because of the colours :). red white green.
we passed by the Victoria & Albert Museum, this pic was taken there, i like it:

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