Saturday, January 13, 2007


many many good news:
first of all, i'm off to london! yuppie!!!!!!!!!
and the reason for it is possible: the exam term is over!!! i passed everything and i have no reasons to complain.
there's just one crap thing: i haven't seen my friends for ages and i'm also not gonna see them for a few more weeks.
but i don't care for now, the most important is that i'm in london in six hrs!
whatsmore Julie's gonna be there too. what a coincidence!

hasta la vista, Ungría!


julie said...

Hey yeah I will be there.
But I souldn't have told u because Gosia wanted it to be a surprise... But I didn't know cause Nora sent me her email (telling me not to tell u) just after I told you I was coming... I don't know if I am very clear hehe. so no surprise but never mind, I am still happy to see u!!!

Balint said...

hehe, no probs, the bottom line is that u'll be here. am already in london, having fun! yuppie!
see u soon then!