Sunday, January 14, 2007


i made a decision yesterday:
when i grow up, i wanna be an aviator.
fly high.
my flight was superb yesterday, i wonder if only because i knew i was gonna see Poziomka. btw, i'm so happy to be here, everything is great. even if she's got to work and go to the uni, at least i'm here. and why i enjoyed the flight? just have a look:
still on the runway in Graz, Austria: take off: the runway and Flughafen Graz, dizzyyyyy: and that's why i like traveling from Graz: the Alps. beautiful: a mate: i love this: skiparadise. or skyparadise? :)here we joined the path of another plane that left its vapour trail behind. it was more interesting in real life, in this pic i like the transition of colours from very dark blue to bright blue: milky way:another transition: from the very bright, sunny wheather to the good old English reality:as i had promised Gosia, i brought sunny days, and indeed, the wheater turned nice, the sun is shining today and i'm feeling very well. greetings to everybody in hungary and everywhere in the world!


Gergely said...

nice pics mate :)
from a friend you left here in Hungary learning hard...


Balint said...

cheers mate!
study hard not to stay stupid :)

julie said...

Haha! U'r so nice with your friends!
Please Balint tell the sun to stay, I would like to have a good weather when I am coming.
I am doing a count down until tuesday, today is D-7!!!
Bisou Balint, and another bisou for Gosia and another for Nora and a last one for Isa.