Wednesday, November 01, 2006

back to the world of memories

am in hungary now, again.
it was great in london. i feel absolutely refilled emotionally. even though i feel quite crap again, it's not as bad as that time when my Poziomka left to london. however, i find it very difficult to revise - which i have to coz on friday i've got a serious test - my mind is everywhere else but on accounting. grrr.
here r some pics from london:
this was taken in Greenwich Park where we went to for a stroll. there's this huge rose garden that i always wanted to show you (especially to my Dad). appr. 100 different types of roses.
still there, autumn lights:
we also visited our 'secret' chess place, a coffee shop in a book shop. we spent some nice time there. and Poziomka won. of course. :)
we met my cousin, Peter. here he's saying hello to his mum: 'HELLO'
(st paul's and the millenium bridge in the background)

we had a beer in one of the oldest pubs in london called the anchor. nice one, but really expensive, located on the riverside near london bridge. we had some russian beer there. Baltika.
me&my. the two scots.

thx for the pics to Gosia Kozlowska (copyright)

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