Thursday, February 22, 2007

Benkó Dixieland Band - Living legends

"...One Of The Best Bands Of The World..."
(Ronald Reagan)

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last night's gig was not less memorable than the Juhasz Trio gig. in fact, u can't compare the two gigs, since the former was a club night taking place every week near Raday Street whereas the latter was a proper concert. hence the nature of the performance, yesterday's was a completely different experience: they were playing more freely, sometimes making jokes and not rarely drinking a bit more. :)

this is Sándor Benkó on the clarinet, the band leader
Ivan the Great. on the trombone, beer cans and vocal :)

Zsolti the bassist. i remember a few years ago 'Daddy' (Benkó is only called like this by Ivan :) ) had to remind him constantly to bring more feelings into his play and 'strip' the bass. well, he has no more got to do so, Zsolti's play was absolutely driven by the music and emotions. sometime he also played for the audience, spinning the instruments a few times.

the wind section:
Ivan again.

This artistic photo, and all the others are thanks to Gege who was messing around there all night long with his camera and pissing the audience off. okay okay, he wasn't. the audience was kind and let him taking photos everywhere. after the gig one old guy asked us if we were taking photos for the promo stuff for the Jubileum Concert. hehe... us, professionals. in fact, not a bad idea :)

Vilmos, the pianist. He was fantastic in Duke Ellington's Take The A Train. Such sensitive accords and runs.
new guy behind the drums, don't know him. wasn't bad, but nothing special
for further info on the band visit their official website


Gergely said...

the photos taken are copyrighted to Mr. Sándor Benko and his band and maybe a little for me, anyway thanks to him for the opportunity... next time I'll make better shots ;)
great text my Lammer, cheers

~Gosia~ said...

nice photos, quite professional in fact. don't know whether it's thanx to a camera or to the photographer..;)
anyway, this post has brought some nice memories.