Monday, February 19, 2007


yesterday we went for a walk with my friend Gege. the Photo Artist. :) he looks serious, doesn't he?
the place where we went to is called Normafa. it's a very nice hilly area in Budapest, quite popular among locals. it provides a fabulous view on Budapest and is a good starting point for tours in the 'mountains' in Buda. there's also a ski track.this is the Ski House in Normafa. well, u can imagine how big this 'ski paradise' is. and the snow, it's fantastic! we even wanted to ask what time the ski track closes. in the end we changed our mind cos we didn't want to get kicked in the ass for being too cheeky :)

and another lovely thing: the Pioneer Railway, which is actually still in use. look at that pretty red vehicle! but which one do i mean? :)

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our car!;P