Sunday, February 18, 2007

Great gig - Juhász Trio

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Oh what a great gig. Juhasz Trio was playing tonight in the Future's House (the previous Millenáris). This is the second time I can say: this was the best gig i've been to for a long time. good, because i'm seeing better and better gigs. the band:

before going there i read a review about them saying that Borlay, the drummer and Papesch, the bassist are playing a much more dynamic music whereas Juhasz, the guitarist and teamleader is a melancholic player, hence their co-operation may be problematic. well, i've never heard a band more harmonic, playing more together.

Gábor Juhász the 'master'

fantastic solos, some mistery, beautiful accords and tunes.

and i've never heard a band with such fabulous individual perfomances. indeed, Borlay's and Papesch's play was as great and full of ideas as the band's music and the songs themselves. i especially enjoyed Borlay's drum-play with his surprising but absolutely apt rythms

and above of this: they enjoyed playing for us too.

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