Monday, February 12, 2007


today's programme was the launch of the new Toyota Auris in Hungary. nice car, nicer than the previous Corolla, and they managed to shoot an impressive video about this new car. but why most of the people visited the show: Yamato, the world-famous drummers. and i must say they served well for their fame, they presented a breath-taking perfromance, the audience was both astonished and cheered. this was owed to their brilliant sense of humour - and i presume the knowledge of the human behaviour. what's more, u could see that they liked what they were doing and they wanted to deliver us experience, and they did, indeed.

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~Gosia~ said...

"Yamato, the world-famous drummers" - i believe. u didn't mentioned before u were going to see some jp celebs Hon! cool anyway!