Thursday, March 15, 2007

12 Points from 1848 - few hundreds of idiots today...

it's typical contraselection: normal people are afraid that there are gonna be riots in Budapest (taking the example of the events on our last national holiday - 23 Oct), so many of them refrain from going out to the streets and celebrate. then the small minority of junkies, idiots and mainly hooligans take over control of the happenings from the peaceful majority and eventually spoils one of the most graceful celebration in Hungary.

Some historical background of the celebration:
The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 was one of many revolutions that year and closely linked to other revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg areas. The revolution in Hungary grew into a war for independence from Habsburg rule. Many of its leaders and participants, including Lajos Kossuth, István Széchenyi, Sándor Petőfi, Józef Bem, are among the most respected national figures in Hungarian History, and the anniversary of the revolution's outbreak, March 15 is one of Hungary's three national holidays.
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a very famous summary of the Hungarian objectives was the leaflet seen below:

'What do the Hungarian People want.

Let Peace, Liberty and Harmony prevail.
  1. We want freedom of the press, the abolition of censorship.
  2. A responsible Ministry in Buda and Pest.
  3. An annual parliamentary session in Pest.
  4. Civil and religious equality before the law.
  5. A National Guard.
  6. A joint sharing of tax burdens.
  7. The cessation of socage.
  8. Juries and representation on an equal basis.
  9. A national bank
  10. The army to swear to support the constitution, our soldiers not be dispatched abroad, and foreign soldiers removed from our soil.
  11. The freeing of political prisoners.
  12. Union with Transylvania.
Equality, liberty, and fraternity!'

how far are we from there...