Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Most boring spring to come

Gosia's back, i'm working and studying. boring. already waiting for April when i'll visit Warsaw. even the coming spring can't cheer me up...
hopefully there are gonna be some good gigs in town and i made up my mind to start playing the violin again.


Julie said...

Really? U r playing violin? Wahoo great! It was my dream to play violin when I was little.

~Gosia~ said...

yes, working and studying - boring, in the way. but i believe that this spring won't be totally dull, neither for me nor for you. or maybe it's just me who always get excited about the most beautiful and inspiring time of the year..
btw, i'm happy about that violin Medve:)

Balint said...

i like spring too, though i also like summer, autumn and winter. Each one has got its nice side.

oh, yeah, the violin. i like it :)

~Gosia~ said...

and finally i'm able to post a comment on your blog. as i'm not using my computer right now.
just to let yo uknow - i like each time of the year too, but spring is my favourite:)
and i only wanted to cheer you up a bit:)