Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Graz n us

finally i managed to download my pics from my camera to my computer. it's good to remember these nice moments. i'm not sure but i think this was my first time in Graz, Austria but it was definitely the first visit for Gosia
hooo, we climbed up theeeere! instead of taking this spooky lift built in a cave: Uhrsturm:
From a bird's view:
Graz, die Kulturhauptstadt. so what does a town need to do to obtain this rank? just a few completely meaningless projects like this...:


Julie said...

What a bridge! I like it!
And I notice the pics in common here and on Gosia's blog.

Balint said...

yeah, same pic. i took it!! :)

anyway, that was a good point.
looking at it as a bridge makes more sense than branding it as a monument.

~Gosia~ said...

I like this bridge too. and just thinking now that we should have walked on it and checked what impression you get from there.

Anonymous said...

The historic city centre of Graz was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in more