Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Van Gogh

Budapest hosts the biggest Van Gogh exhibition in Central-Europe in a hundred years. I intentionally did not put his most well-known artifacts here. Partly, because neither The Potato Eaters and nor the Sunflowers, his most distinctive paintings were on display, and partly because I just realized how much more he achieved in his art. Starting with a very dark, cold and pretty harsh imagery, he incorporated the techniques of the impressionists, Japanese woodcut and many more other painters, and reached a point when he produced masterpieces that u can see here. Of course this road was far from being straight, he was fighting a severe internal battle, about what many know and I don't want to deal with now. What impressed me was how clever and conscious he was in developing his arts. The house on the right was one of my favorites. Some people looked at it disdainfully which I couldn't get. Though I was happy that I captured sth in this painting that they didn't. :)
Anyway, my favourite one was those shoes on the top. So simple and so expressive. You can see remarkable tension on it.
I don't know whether it is the impressionist influence, or just Van Gogh's inborn talent, but I like sth in this picture too (or is it just simply nice?):

Maybe it's only me who finds this crazy, somewhat distorted landscape charming.

Anyhow, thank you Vincent for giving us a few peaceful moments when we can emerge from the deep, grey everyday life.

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