Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Wall

yesterday we went out to see Jazzékiel, a band playing jazz-based music with rapping. it didn't really work out as we imagined: there was about half of Budapest's population wanting to get in to Gödör Club...:
however, we didn't panic: instead, we bought a few cans of beer, than settled down right next to the stage. only outside the club... :) but thanks to the not very thick glass wall we could see and hear everything:of course it wasn't only us who listened to the gig outside. it was quite funny when a few young guys recognized some friends of them inside the club and wanted to communicate. like some retards.
'Caaan yooouuu heeeaaar meeeee?
Whaaaat aaaare yooouuuu uuup toooo laateer?
this was the point when we stopped watching them.

After the gig we moved on to a billirad saloon. the place was like a maze. they even put the ground plan of it into the menu.
don't let yourself be fooled! this guy is not as boozy as it seems. even more! :) hehe.
Cheers Gege!anyway, i've got a few more friends who's 'ars poetica' would be best expressed by this photo :)

going home was not less fun than the whole night itself. 6 people for 5 seats. what is the obvious solution? the boot! we put Jani into the back of the car. he seemingly did not object the idea:he was in his elements: he scared the sh*t out of us when a hand appeared behind us from the nothing. then the mean murderer showed himself too. we laughed our heads off.


julie said...

cool parties going on in Buda...
Have fun!

Vila said...

Keep up the good work.