Wednesday, December 27, 2006


that's why i'm not wishing u a merry xmas. or if u want, for next Christmas.

i wasn't in the mood of posting. and to be honest i don't feel inspiration now either. but someone reminded me that i shouldn't forget about my blog :) thx Julie!
maybe i wasn't in the mood because of my illness. some kind of virus. ergh.. while everyone is eating so much that they will explode, i keep losing weight... despite that my mum is cooking very nice dishes and this is a rare occasion when i'm at home!
nevertheless we had a nice and peaceful Christmas.
bittersweet for me: the feast of love without two very important creatures i love. one whom i will never see again, and one who is far away and i will only see in a few weeks. an everlasting period of time.


~Gosia~ said...

But i'm sure that both of these Creatures remember you very well, and what's more, one of them keeps on thinking about you, no matter what she is occupied with.
and one more thing. even though this xmas wasn't best and filled with love, last Easter was! and everything looks like next year Easter is going to be as good if not better:) XXX

Balint said...

Thanks Dear! Yes, Easter is going to be splendid. This Christmas was nice too, but could have been better. that's all. and my tummie is still aching...