Friday, December 29, 2006

stepping out from the shade

it is true:
u need to stay in the shade for a while in order to appreciate the sunbeams.

because of my illness i couldn't really eat much - or at least i had to be very careful with what i ate. right during christmas time. what a pity isn't it? today i started eating as i usually do. good old mákosbejgli and diósbejgli (home made. mum made!!!). yummie. so i'm enjoying it. small pleasures... :) well, after a big sux...

just to tell you (i already wanted anyway), i experienced this feeling i few times already. these two happened on the same day: after having showers in london for a long time, on the first day of my big tour in august i had a shower in Cleobury Mortimer in the middle of the nowhere:) it was such a big pleasure. u need to know that london struggles with water shortage and that's why in most households waterpressure is quite low. after a while u can get used to it. but then if u can have a shower with normal pressure it's like a massage. micro-orgasm. :)
and the other thing happened on the same day. similar story. in london u can hardly see any stars. not only because of the obvious reason: clouds. there are so much public light that they oppress the light of the stars. on that night in the Pioneer Centre i couldn't stop staring at the sky, the stars' sparkling was astonishing.

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and i received a really nice message from The (only) One who was watching the stars...