Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Budapest has two faces like Janus the mythical god.
these two pics were taken within 10 meters. i personally have no problems with graffities - though i hate tags - and i'm not scared of dark places. but the two pictures below somehow don't come together...

Fővám tér, subway and my university Dec 2006

to be fair, any other capitals i know could be labelled like budapest in this respect. e.g. in london i wouldn't want to cross hyde park at night on my own... (not to mention some hard core districts)


Gosia said...

been here!
Gosia, 26.11.2006
this is my tag;]
btw, i don't like tags too;)

to me London is the city that is just full of contrasts: poshy victorian houses next to an ugly tower estate, one district within same zone can be 90% full of British middle- and upper-class white people, and another district within a short trip by bus distance can be 90% full of blacks, a tired and bored foreign chap holding a sign that advertises chinease take away for 3.50, can be standing among celebs, turists and ordinary 'londoners' in leicester squere. these are only few to be named.
greetz from an inspiring mishmas!!!

Balint said...

been there (london)!
Gosia n Balint

thank for the valuable insight to London!

Julie said...

Thanx for ur comment on my blog.
When? Good question... I don't know... Right now I can't tell...
Maybe June. I'll let u know.