Sunday, December 03, 2006

Re: tro

time is passing. i'm in a special situation. i want time to run quickly for one and a half months. then it can have a rest. it can switch to sauntering.
nothing much is happening here these days, most of my time i'm busy with courseworks. though last night i went out with my mum's cousin, Ildi and her husband, Andy. i like chating with them. and i was happy to speak English again. we went to a blues pub not far from my flat. good music, good beer. yummie! Pilsner Urquel!!!

not long time ago i mentioned that budapest is like a museum. well, hungary is too.
i wonder whether retro is blossoming here or we are just used to our old things. i know that many times it is a question of money.

but broadcasting Knight Rider on Saturday at 2pm is a bit uhm...
not to mention David Hasselhof's hairy chest. :)

K.I.T.! get me a coffee!

cheesy series are one thing. but playing the hundred-year-old Mortal Kombat in 2006 is a SHAME!!!! :)

i remember those LAN-parties.. oh my God! i was one of them!

all in all, we love RETRO.
so do i :)


Gosia said...

cOOl, aha aha, i like it! ;D
btw Pumpkin Pumpkin> everybody had done some funny and embarassing things in the past ;P ;)

Gosia said...

and szia Gege! ur right mate? ;)

Gergely said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to tell those people outthere that the Mortal Kombat phenomenon still lives, and will live forever :) and Hasselhof is a very nice guy, hehe...

Balint said...

so it is immortal :)

Julie said...

I agree Balint, I LOVE retro.
Look at me, I mean my style, my bike, my flat... I am a kind of museum as well hehe!

Gosia said...

A museum!! hihi;D
luv ya all amusing lot! XxXxX