Friday, December 22, 2006


One week ago my beautiful, clever and loyal friend left us and moved to a better world. she was a great company, we knew each other's every thought and we always had good fun together. she was stubborn like a woman (she was a woman:) ), and cheeky like a child. nevertheless we sorted out every disagreement quickly. or in 15 mins at most - once i had to wait that long until she decided to come to me after realizing that i was not gonna move. she knew that i wanted to put the lead on her and she didn't want it. she also knew that i was angry :) but in the end she did come to me. i'm already missing those strolls and games together. that's her:

There's a walnut tree in our garden and she hardly left us any of its yield. this cheeky girl loved and ate all of them. she opened the nutshell and only consumed the kernel. she was very witted.

i remember that when she was young she hated traveling. well, she changed a lot and in the last few years she enjoyed these journeys by car a lot! i scarcely opened the boot and she'd already jumped in. except when we went to the doc. as i said she knew everything.

our favourite place for a walk. Boat Lake. Friends. (This and the previous pics were taken by Gosia, thx Honey)

Enjoying the snow:


Anonymous said...

Kedves Balint!
Pont ma neztuk Sanyi urral a fenykepeket es van Kingarol is kepunk, meg 8 kiskutyarol. Csodalatos kutyus volt. Es szep. Megkonnyeztem, ahogy lattam a kepeit. Meg el is mosolyodtam, ahogy ette a diot.
Szeretettel gondolok rad puszi Bobe

Balint said...

Kedves Böbe és Sanyi Úr!
köszönöm a commentet, sokat gondolok a kutyámra, jó nézegetni ezeket a képeket és bizony én is elérzékenyülök néha.
Sok puszi, főleg így Karácsony közeledtével!

~Gosia~ said...

I just wante dto add that I've had a pleasure of meeting Kinga. She was a very pretty and a very Lovely dog indeed. I remember fidding her with walnuts myslef. it's a pity that i'm not going to see her when I go to visit Balint's family in Szombathely next time.

Julie said...

Hey Balint!
Merry Christmas!
When r u publishing a new post???

Balint said...

Hey Julie!
It's done!
Merry Christmas to You!