Sunday, December 10, 2006

Santa Claus

This week we were celebrating Santa Claus.
on 6th Dec Santa Claus alias Mikulás visits every child and puts chocololate and BIRCHes into their boots that had been previously put in the window.
well, because we are still children, in our minds at least, we gave presents to each other and had some mulled wine and cakes. proper X-mas party.
giving gifts, us, children:

as it is usually we ran out of mulled wine quickly. at this point PCS had to face a seemingly insovable problem. beer or wine???

after answering the question above we still had to solve some serious problems. some people had unsatiable thirst. I want the barrel, I want the barrel!

after this cosy home party we decided to visit a pub or club. unfortunately because everything was closed by the time we got there, we ended up in walking around in budapest's streets for two hours at about 2-3pm.
well, i didn't mind.
nor did they :)

those are beer-bottle lids... no comment

hey boys! what are you doing there? in the public??

of course i couldn't stop myself from being a photo reporter. this evokes Budapest in the 50's. 56 exactly

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