Monday, November 13, 2006

Fishy days

for the second time in my life i have gone fishing. my friend Sziszi, the maths genious invited me and of course i was happy to accept the invitation. he's got a weekend house in tiszacsege a little village on the tisza riverside. tisza river is a slow-mo river that's why over the centuries many dead channels have formed there (these used to be part of the river but the river changed track and these lakes were left there). so we were fishing on one of the dead channels. the worst and at the same time the best part was that we got up at 5am so that we had the best place. it was a bit early but at least we saw the sunrise.

i love the colours of dawn  

and those of autumn. pink and brown

fishing lot:

hehe, looser!! :) fouled with branches.

the landscape was really beautiful and quiet and i was very pleased of that because i could deepen into my thoughts, thinking of various things, and put them in order. it was very useful. anyway i just wanted to show u the dead channel (it looks like a river but in fact it's a lake):

if i was a real fisherman, i should make up a big number of how many fishes i caught. well, i am not, so i can admit that i didn't catch anything. apart from leaves and branches. but u really won't be surprised about this if u look at the way i'm holding the stick. holy shit... :)

however, i shouldn't be ashamed as others have hardly caught anything. two pikes only. have a look here:

these pikes are real killers. they eat small fishes (we used fishes as baits too), and they can bite u so strong, that u really don't wanna try it. my friend did, but he didn't want it either :)

it is much more friendly here, isn't it? say hello to daddy! :)


Gosia said...

ad. sunrise - nice postcard Balint. where did you get it from? ;P
p.s. beautiful pictures Honey ;)

Balint said...

from my camera ;)

Julie said...

Hey I found out how to put comments on ur blog without my password great!
it is so beautiful these colours...
by the way when I was 13 I won a fishing competition. I had a trophy with my name written!!!
But I don't like fishing in fact, I think it is very boring and I don't like eating fish so I decided to stop. Hehe!

Balint said...

Congratulations to the fishing competition. i could never understand how can people compete in fishing. it's a matter of luck, isn't it?
i enjoy it though, what u think boring is relaxation for me. n i like eating fish too :)
but i understand u!