Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Magical visit

as i already mentioned, we had a great time with Poziomka last week. even though it was only four days, we did many things and everything was wonderful.
on thursday my friend, Gab was celebrating his birthday and although Gosia was a bit tired (no surprise), we went there and had a chat with my other friends. i was happy as Gege was there as well and a few of his friends from the polytechnic. however the source of my happiness was of course Gosia. three weeks is a long period if you don't see your other part. now, the mission: impossible is waiting for us: two months, with x-mas in the middle without each other...
but we'll make it. somehow...
on friday we went out for a drink and to see some live music, and more importantly to have a good time. well, we did, indeed. we went to Potkulcs, a cozy, little-ruined pub near nyugati station. peca was playing (peca is a slang word for fishing stick). nice music anyway. and nice wine. and sundried plums ripened in pálinka. yummie :)
we had also been ice skating. no need to tell you that it was fantastic. though a bit wet :)

dancing queen ;)

and the people.
on sunday we went for a short stroll. we were walking along the riverside. i like walking there, it's quite nice. the Buda side of Budapest at the Danube (with the Buda Castle on the bottom):

hmm. time to go back to reality:
assignments, revising...


Julie said...

MMMH! Gosia, beautiful legs!

Balint said...

i agree!;)

Gosia said...

thnx you two!;) :*
i'm all blushing right now;P
and thnx for explaining what we did together in Budapest Pumpkin. i believe those who look at our blogs will appreciate a lot your version of my mysterious diary;]

Balint said...

no probs. i like that mistery. :) (except when you freak me out...)