Thursday, November 16, 2006


yo. i was on this flamenco-jazz gig last night. Juan Carmona, Mino Cinelu, Dés László and Balázs József. Great musicians, great music. they were amazing individually but i missed some kind of cooperation between them. and i also missed the bass. i could have imagined a double bass or sth... anyway, it was still fantastic, partly due to the location. it was organized in the national concert hall that is to be found in the so called palace of arts. this concert hall is one of the most modern ones probably in the whole world. amazing sounding.

tonight we've watched the Departed. Best film i've seen for a long time!! 8.5 on imdb. the new Scorsese film. a bit of godfather feeling, a bit of tarantino, good casting and acting. and yes! no stupid hollywoodian happy end. good film. then i met my other best friend, Mape, who's doing his phd now. he's doing well, just moved in into his new flat that is 10 mins walk away from mine. slowly all my friends will move into this area :)

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