Thursday, November 09, 2006


today i took 'our' car to Kecskemét. kecske means goat.
that's why goatmate :)
ok-ok bad joke.
anyway i enjoyed driving there. i both enjoyed driving and the route leading there. completely flat landscape, pure countryside. my dad's working there for a toyota dealer. i like being there, i feel a bit like an insider (in fact i am, especially as i was working there for 3 weeks).
then we came back to budapest and we had a meeting with one of his business partners. i enjoyed it too, very interesting subject - starting a new business.
i took this pic there - my dad's selling this industrial stuff.

this is the only photo i took in london during my last stay (ok, there's one more but not for public view :) )

the lady in the shop got pissed off with the junkies coming and asking for drugs, so she put this note onto the window :)


Gergely said...

this post was created by Bálint for like 3 hours while the Internet Explorer restarted at least 3 times and I was listening to Bálint's swearing for 10 minutes each time and 3 times of course...
but finally it's created and now happiness and good progressive music hangs over the place :)

peace, it was me: Gege - room mate

Balint said...

cheers mate! goat mate. uhm, flat mate. or whatever :)

Gosia said...

buahahaha!!! ur having some fun there roommates;P