Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr tram driver

Welcome to Budapest, the city that is itself a museum.
museum of old cars, trams, trains, buildings, people and...
...ideas. but that's another story.
what i want to show u:

and what came to my mind:

Mr tram driver pass me up with eyes of fire
Mr tram driver thinks were all one sixty fiveers
Mr tram driver fuck you Im a survivor
Oh yeah, one more time, ahah

I hope Mr Kravitz is not going to be very upset for using his lyrics. or for changing it. actualizing, in fact :)

this post is going to be a music-focused one. Let's put on some Guns 'n' Roses:
November rain

Liberty Bridge, Budapest, Nov 21st 2006


Julie said...

that's beautiful.
i have to come!

Balint said...

u are very very welcome!!