Tuesday, November 07, 2006

St Martin's Day

I've been lazy recently. in fact, i wasn't in the mood of doing anything. that's why i only uploaded these pics today. they were taken last sunday when we visited a village resort in Szombathely - old houses, accessories, domestic animals and stuff like that. kind of a museum. St Martin Day's Market was held there. it's an important day in this country, this is when we first try the 'new' wine (this year's wine) and we usually eat goose's leg with cabbage. nice one, worth trying.

this so called Skanzen is located near Boat Lake, where i often go with my dog for a stroll. i like observing the different views coming with every season. autumn view:

the look of an old village with traditional houses. i love them (of course it's usually not as crowded as in here)

there were many programmes mainly traditional things like volk music and volk dance. proper hungarian outfit:

another kind of activities: archery

courtyard in the countryside. well...

...and a broom.

i love it: thatch


Gosia said...

hohoho countryside - i'm lovin' it!;D
i can't wait to dance csardas with you one day in this traditional hungarian outfit of course Luv;) ;P

Balint said...

what? me n csardas? r u nuts? :)

u need to persuade me! :)